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  1. Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Hose


    Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Hose Hose 75cm for waterproof Dry Suit
  2. Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Valve Swivel


    Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Valve Swivel Inlet valve for Waterproof Drysuits.
  3. Waterproof Drysuit Outlet Valve Automatic


    Waterproof Drysuit Outlet Valve Automatic Outlet dump valve for Waterproof Drysuits
  4. Waterproof Hanger


    Waterproof Hanger Designed Suit Hanger Designed Suit Hanger. Gives your suit the same protection your suit gives you.
  5. Waterproof Combi Tool


    Waterproof Combi Tool For SI TECH seals and valves This Tool is especially developed to mount and dismount Silicone Seals and SI TECH Valves in Waterproof suits. 
  6. Waterproof Drysuit Braces


    Waterproof Drysuit Braces To add comfort to all the Waterproof Drysuits, they have pre-mounted tabs for the fitting of the optional suspenders/braces.
  7. Waterproof Reversible Beanie


    Waterproof Reversible Beanie Keeping You Warm Even When You're Out Of The Water WARM REVERSIBLE BEANIE A warm reversible beanie for those cold days at sea. Don’t leave home without it! FeaturesReversible. • Two different Waterproof logos. • Waterproof tag....
  8. Waterproof Lubricant For Seals


    Waterproof Lubricant For Seals Waterbased lubricant for easier mounting of silicone wrist seals. 5 gram Sachet.
  9. Waterproof Oval Stiff Ring


    Waterproof Oval Stiff Ring Replacement inner stiff ring for WP Integrated QuickSeal. Available in two sizes: Standard and Large.  
  10. Waterproof Slap Strap


    Waterproof Slap Strap Both a fashionable and functional accessory, mask straps are kept in optimum place for comfort and security. This soft neoprene mask tamer also prevents hair from tangling.
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