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  1. Waterproof Hanger


    Waterproof Hanger Designed Suit Hanger Designed Suit Hanger. Gives your suit the same protection your suit gives you.
  2. Waterproof 5mm Overvest


    Waterproof 5mm Overvest  Can be worn as a shortie or over a full suit to act as a second layer to the body core
  3. Waterproof B1 Socks


    Our neoprene socks protect your feet against abrasion andthe extra long stem makes it easy to dress and undress.The B1 Socks keep your feet warm, e.g. when used inaddition to neoprene boots.Providing protection against the chill of water exposure andprevent...
  4. Waterproof Combi Tool


    Waterproof Combi Tool For SI TECH seals and valves This Tool is especially developed to mount and dismount Silicone Seals and SI TECH Valves in Waterproof suits. 
  5. Waterproof D10 Drysuit


    Our top selling Neoprene model D10 PRO is now upgraded with ISS, the unique Integrated Silicone Seal system Waterproof developed and presented to the diving market recently.During all our years of continuous testing in harsh conditions, we have found that...
  6. Waterproof Dry Bag


    Waterproof Dry Bag WATERPROOF DRYSUIT BAG This DryBag is a waterproofed Cordura bag with taped seams a folding top seal and can be carried as a back pack during transport. D1 Hybrid, D7 PRO ISS, D10 PRO ISS are all...
  7. Waterproof Drysuit Braces


    Waterproof Drysuit Braces To add comfort to all the Waterproof Drysuits, they have pre-mounted tabs for the fitting of the optional suspenders/braces.
  8. Waterproof R30 Rashvest

    from £24.50

    A Rashguard, also known as rash vest or rashie, is a type of water wear, an athletic shirt made of Spandex and Lycra nylon.The name Rashguard reflects the fact that the shirt protects the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion....
  9. Waterproof Repair Kit


    Waterproof Repair Kit FOR NEOPRENE SUITS A repair kit with everything you need for quick repairs and maintenance of neoprene drysuits. Features Contains: • 7 Neoprene Patches. • Glue. • Brush. • Spare Zipper Slider. • Slider Stops. • Paraffin...
  10. Waterproof Reversible Beanie


    Waterproof Reversible Beanie Keeping You Warm Even When You're Out Of The Water WARM REVERSIBLE BEANIE A warm reversible beanie for those cold days at sea. Don’t leave home without it! FeaturesReversible. • Two different Waterproof logos. • Waterproof tag....
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