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  1. Aqualung Flexar Travel Snorkelling Set (XS Only)


    Aqualung Flexar Travel Snorkelling Set Aqualung Combo VisionFlex Mask & Snorkel Set  Aqualung Flexar Travel FinsAqualung Snorkelling Sling Bag MaskSnorkel and Fins Made in Italy Lightweight Set
  2. Apeks / Aqualung Regulator, BCD, Gauge - Starter Pack


    This 'Entry Level' package offers superb quality at terrific Value! Package Includes: Apeks ATX40 Regulators Apeks Double Gauge Aqualung Pro BCD BCD Hose (please see individual items for item specifics). 
  3. Aqualung 3mm Neoprene Socks


    These neoprene socks make a perfect medium-weight liner for temperate to cold conditions. The 3mm neoprene provides a comfortable fit.FeaturesThe perfect medium-weight liner for temperate-to-cold conditions3mm Titanium neoprene for a comfortable fit
  4. Aqualung Submersion Gloves

    from £13.00

    Nylon II neopreneErgonomic fit features a natural curve to the fingers and palmTextured palm increases durability and gripCinches with an elastic hook & loop band 3mm & 5mm Versions Available  
  5. Aqualung Favola Snorkelling Set


    Aqualung Favola Mask & Snorkel SetThis great value set comprises of Aqualung's tempered glass Favola Mask and splash guard purge snorkel.The Favola guarantees an incredible field of vision. The lenses are at an incline providing a wide angle of view...
  6. Aqualung Transmitter


    Aqualung TransmitterAqua Lung's Transmitters, used in conjunction with a compatible wrist computer, allow you to monitor current pressure and gas time remaining without a stiff high pressure hose, while providing a more streamlined profile.FeaturesHoseless Gas Pressure Transmission for the i450T...
  7. Apeks / Aqualung MK0 Undersuit


    Apeks / Aqualung MK0 Undersuit This one piece, bamboo-fibre base layer, is ideal under any of our undergarments and has excellent moisture wicking performances. The MK0 can also be worn as a standalone layer in tropical conditions. Features: Environmentally friendly...
  8. Aqualung Balance Comfort 5.5mm Hood


    Designed to complement the Balance Comfort wetsuit system, the 5.5mm neoprene hood comes with such features as face seals that allow for custom trimming, unique vent designs to allow for release of trapped air, glued and blind stitched seams and...
  9. Aqualung Balance Comfort 5.5mm Shortie


    5.5 mm shorty without hoodUltra-soft 3mm neoprene crotch comfort panelCan be worn as an over-vest with the Balance Comfort full wetsuit or on its own.   
  10. Aqualung Blizzard Drysuit


    Yamamoto compressed 4mm neoprene, includes separate hood. 
 Swivel inflator, manual and automatic purge on the left arm. 
 Sleeves fitted with latex cuffs, protected by a neoprene cuff. 
 Latex neck seal, protected by a neoprene collar. 
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