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  1. Apeks High Profile Automatic Suit Dump


    Apeks High Profile Automatic Suit Dump The Automatic Dump Valve has all the features of our Low Profile version but without the obvious benefits of the low, ergonomic design.
  2. Apeks Regulator Bag


    The Regulator Instrument Bag from Apeks is a large padded case to store a regulator in. The bag has handle for carrying and drainage panel. Specification Size: 34cm x 25cm x 10cm
  3. Apeks Type CEJN Coupling Hose

    from £29.00

    Apeks Type 71cm CEJN Coupling HoseApeks fitting quick release suit inflation hose with 3/8" UNF fitting. Fits Apeks dry suit inflation valves with CEJN type coupling. Standard and Extra Long lengths
  4. Apeks / Aqualung Regulator, BCD, Gauge - Starter Pack


    This 'Entry Level' package offers superb quality at terrific Value! Package Includes: Apeks ATX40 Regulators Apeks Double Gauge Aqualung Pro BCD BCD Hose (please see individual items for item specifics). 
  5. Apeks Low Profile Suit Dump


    Apeks Low Profile Suit Dump The most technically advanced and reliable automatic dump valve available on the market. Correctly adjusted, the valve gives effortless yet controlled hands free ascent as expanding air automatically vents from the suit. The valve is...
  6. Apeks Hose Retainer


    Apeks Hose RetainerThe Apeks Hose Retainer is used to retain the long hose when diving in a long hose configuration, without the need for a canister light to hold your hose in place.The hose retainer fits any standard 2" webbing...
  7. Apeks Swivel Suit Inflation Valve


    Apeks Swivel Suit Inflation Valve The Apeks inflation valve is robust and reliable, featuring an extra-large recessed push-button allowing for easy operation with cold hands or thick gloves. The smooth back plate gives protection from uncomfortable pressure loads on the...
  8. Apeks T-Shirt


    Apeks T-Shirt Apeks logo silkscreened on front and back Cotton/poly blend
  9. Apeks Dry 12 Drybag


    If you need a workhorse in your dive kit, look no further than the new range of dry bags from Apeks. Tough, rugged and designed to haul equipment, the dry bags feature waterproof welded seams to ensure water doesn’t get...
  10. Apeks 1000m Scuba Diving Watch in Presentation Case


    Apeks 1000m Dive Watch Water resistant to 1000 metres, this is the ultimate dive watch. It has a tough stainless steel bezel and mineral glass for exceptional strength and a helium escape valve which opens when the internal pressure is...
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